What Are Some Ideas for High School Clubs?

Some good ideas for high school clubs include academic organizations such as a book reading club, math club or writing group, or activity-based clubs such as a chess club, computer club or Habitat for Humanity chapter. High school club ideas may also include a pep club to rally at athletic events.

High school students interested in languages and cultures may like to join a Spanish, French or German club that celebrates the language and culture. Religious clubs catering to Catholics, Jews, Christians and Scientologists can also be formed at high schools.

Students with interest in athletic activities, such as fencing, camping, boating, archery, ice skating or yoga, can form clubs where students engage in these sports or learn new skills. Liberal art students may want to create or join clubs focused on theater, vocal performance, dance or improvisational acting. Clubs geared to academic majors may include an investment club for business students, architectural design for future architects, robotics club for engineering students, and television and media clubs for journalism enthusiasts.

High school clubs can also cater to special interests such as sewing, crafts, scrapbooking and knitting.

Some high school students create clubs designed for scholastic or athletic competition, such as the Olympiad or trivia club. Athletic clubs often serve as intramural sporting teams such as roller hockey, wrestling or soccer if the school does not have a recognized team in these sports.