What Are Some Ideas for Headstone Sayings?

What Are Some Ideas for Headstone Sayings?

Ideas for headstone sayings include epitaphs, words of comfort and quotes from religious or secular literature. The epitaphs may be general epitaphs or may instead be customized to reflect the life and spirit of he who has now departed.

Some headstones employ more general epitaphs. These typically focus on things like the value and impact of a single life, the comfort of knowing the deceased is in a better place or a reassurance that the memory of the deceased lives on after he is dead and gone.

Epitaphs may be customized to represent the specific individual, including specialized epitaphs for children. Such epitaphs include declarations of children as a foundation to society's collective virtue or of the perfect innocence of childhood.

Other specialized epitaphs to place on headstones include epitaphs focusing on remembering details about the deceased and his past and epitaphs intended to honor specific accomplishments.

Yet another specialized epitaph for the headstone are those focusing on words of comfort. For religious families, this may include reminders that the deceased now lives in heaven or to express a hope that the living and the dead meet again sometime soon.

Another common idea for headstones is to incorporate a relevant line from literature or from a holy text if the deceased is religious.