What Are Some Ideas for Headstone Inscriptions?


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Some ideas for headstone inscriptions include providing basic information, such as the accomplishments of the deceased, or offering a short and meaningful phrase. Some headstones provide more space to display a quote or short poem that the person enjoyed.

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Gravestone inscriptions typically include basic information like the person's first and last name, dates of birth and death, and short facts about her life. These facts could include her aspirations, amazing accomplishments or favorite occupation. Other inscriptions also include a very short message, such as "in fondest memory" or "eternally loved." The words "rest in peace" are also very common for the inscriptions.

Some inscriptions include a personal or meaningful message in the form of a quote, song lyric or poem. This message can be something that defined that person or a lyric from her favorite song. It is also possible to write a unique poem or quote for the gravestone that describes the deceased and commemorates her life.

Poems and longer sayings on gravestones often talk about how this person has impacted others, how she inspired people and how much she will be missed. Other messages speak more about the loss that the deceased's loved ones experience from her passing.

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