What Are Some Ideas for Exotic Pet Names?


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Ambrosia, Pazima, Shiva, Lootus and Tonde are some examples of exotic pet names. PetNamesPlace.com and NiftyPetNames.com provide lists of exotic pet names, name meanings and origins.

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PetNamesPlace.com offers lists of exotic pet names taken from Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology as well as different languages like French and Spanish. Female names include Andromeda, a Greek name that means "leader of men"; Shyla, a Hindi name that means "daughter of the mountain"; and Vivica, a Scandinavian name meaning "alive." Male names include Azul, Spanish for "blue," and Kochka, Russian for "cat."

NiftyPetNames.com offers Planina, Qawaya, Rahana and Sarani as names for female pets. Names for male pets include Benison, Fochik, Jeevan and Takaji.

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