What Are Some Ideas for an Essay on Corruption?

Some ideas for an essay on corruption are issues of corruption in politics and a discussion of the moral questions that surround doing corrupt things in hopes of pursuing a positive goal. Another issue for an essay on corruption is the topic of corruption in education.

For an essay on corruption in politics, the person could write about any one of a number of Congressmen or other politicians found guilty of corruption. The essay could include a discussion of how corrupt individuals and groups influence legislation and state policies. A discussion of political corruption could also include a comparison of political corruption among societies and historical eras.

Alternatively, an essay on corruption could focus on whether it is wrong to act in a corrupt manner if the person acting wants to achieve a public good or a positive end. One distinction in the essay could include a discussion of whether the morality of the behavior hinges of its legality or just the behavior's ethical implications. Similarly, when writing on corruption in education, a person could write about how educational corruption affects educational quality and outcomes.