What Are Some Ideas for an Eighth-Grade Science Project?

Shaking up different kinds of sodas and experimenting on the formation of crystals on various surfaces are great ideas for an eighth grade science project. Another viable idea is to investigate the effects of stress on the body’s temperature.

To do the soda experiment, students should perform a uniform shaking method that involves the same amount of effort and length of shaking. They should also consider what methods to use to measure the amount of liquid expelled from a soda due to shaking and the average initial carbonation of different soft drinks.

Students may choose four household items when experimenting on the formation of crystals. The goal of the project is to determine if crystals form better on certain surfaces. Some of the materials required for the project include a bottle of aluminum potassium sulphate, a beaker capable of holding up to 500 milliliters of hot water, four 12-ounce glasses, coffee stirrers and a pipe cleaner. Disposable gloves, a wide rubber band, metal washer and a thin fishing line are also needed.

To perform a project that investigates how stress changes the body’s temperature, find around 10 volunteers, and prepare a basal thermometer, stopwatch, printer, notebook and computer. Put the test subjects in a stressful situation, and measure their stress levels and temperatures before and after the situation.

Making a simple electric motor helps students understand how energy can be converted into mechanical energy through the interactions of electromagnets, current and a magnetic field. If the students are successful, the completed motor continues spinning only when it is pushed in the correct direction.

Investigating ideas of beauty using the golden ratio is an interesting way for students to understand how certain notions of beauty are determined by the symmetrical feature shapes that adhere to the ratio of the irrational numbers 0.618 and 1.618. The experiment allows experimenters to poll other students about how attractive celebrities are and to calculate how well the celebrity's appearance adheres to the golden ratio.