What Are Some Ideas for Creative Visual Presentations for Kids?

For creative visual presentations that appeals to kids, use vibrant illustrations or photographs, props such as puppets or dolls, costumes and accessories, and a dynamic format to keep their attention. Consider incorporating games, trivia and other interactive elements to actively involve young viewers. Create a piece of artwork together, play a matching game on an interactive white board or spin a wheel to select topical subjects.

Keeping kids engaged through a presentation can be a daunting task for even the most experienced educators and entertainers. The more you invite kids to be an active part of your presentation, the more success you have at keeping their attention. If you are presenting to younger children, try bringing along puppets, costumes or even felt board pieces to accompany your talk. These amuse kids and give them something to watch as you communicate your message or lesson.

For older kids, use large photographs, illustrations or props related to your subject, and invite kids to share their ideas about what they see. If you have access to a screen or white board, create a presentation filled with visual and audio effects. Several free and easy-to-use online resources are available to help you add life to a static slide presentation.