What Are Some Ideas for a Commemorative Speech?

ideas-commemorative-speech Credit: Biblioteca Centrala a BM/CC-BY 2.0

To deliver a memorable commemorative speech, brainstorm ideas that focus on reflection of the events or person, observe details that are interesting to share, and provide honest input on how you feel about the event, accomplishment or celebration. The purpose of a commemorative speech is to offer a tribute to the individual or importance of an event.

A commemorative speech can focus on positive qualities of an event or person, such as someone's ability to inspire others, offer assistance when needed or make people laugh despite adversity. The commemorative speech should show how this person or event impacted the community, family and friends in a positive manner. For example, if the speech is in honor of a local minister, discuss specific examples of how the minister provided hope for the community through sermons and homilies, detail the many visits the minister made to the sick and elderly, and provide personal examples of how the minister inspired others to act with compassion. A commemorative speech is designed to inspire and uplift the audience, so it may be helpful to use visual aids such as photos, collages, poster boards, slideshows or online presentations to illustrate the importance of the individual or the event.