What Are Some Ideas for Coming up With Baby Names?


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Some ideas for coming up with baby names include saying names aloud to find one that sounds good, picking a unique or unusual name to set the child apart, or naming a child after a parent, friend or ancestor. Another idea is to pick a name with a special meaning.

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What Are Some Ideas for Coming up With Baby Names?
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For names that sound right when said aloud, it is important to remember that shorter first names sound better with longer last names and vice versa. Also, first names that end in a vowel may not sound good with a middle or last name that begins with a vowel, such as Ella Andrews. Unique or unusual names can set a child apart, especially in school where there are several kids named Michael or other popular names. Experts recommend choosing a unique name that is easy to pronounce or spell to avoid unwanted attention.

More traditional naming methods include choosing a name inspired by someone to whom the parents are close. There are many names to choose from, as both parents have parents and grandparents' names from which to choose as well as any number of friends' names. For a name that ties to the family's heritage, a traditional first or middle name from one parent's religion, ethnicity or ancestry is an appropriate choice. Another option is to research names by meaning or research particular names to determine their meaning to choose a name with a purpose.

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