What Are Some Ideas for a Class President Speech?

Some ideas to include in a class president speech are an inspirational or humorous introductory story, three or four realistic ideas that students want, visualizations of the issues and a sincere way to ask students for the vote, notes StudentCouncilPro.com. Students looking to become class president should write speeches that are persuasive, short and can hold their classmates' attention.

When writing a speech for class president, it helps to have sentences that are clear, short and written in a conversational tone, notes Scholastic.com. Students can choose a theme to help structure the speech and keep it focused.

The introduction should grab everyone's attention. One way to do this is to share a personal story that is related to becoming class president. A humorous story will make people laugh. Students can also choose a story that gets people to think.

The main portion of the speech should focus on what the student wants to accomplish as class president. Including three solid, well-thought-out ideas is better than many vague ideas, notes StudentCouncilPro.com. Students should consider researching some ideas of what students want and include those in the speech.

The conclusion should be a briefer version of the introduction that ties the speech together. Examples of ideas include an inspirational quote, a second, shorter story or a humorous one-liner.