What Are Some Ideas for Cause and Effect Essay Topics?


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Cause and effect essay topics range from the medical, such as the suitability of fast foods on health, and the psychological, such as the causes of children's tantrums, to the political and historical, including the cause and effect of war or media violence. Controversial topics that are suitable for some cause and effect essays include abortion, police brutality, sex or drug addiction, dress codes, and divorce.

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Cause and effect essays address why things occur and what happens as a consequence. They are common styles of essays to write that organize and discuss ideas. When writing a cause and effect essay, select a topic of familiarity or one that is researched and understood easily.

After choosing a topic, writers should differentiate between the cause and the effect. To determine the cause, ask why something happens. To determine the effect, assess what happens as a result of the cause. Introduce the main idea, using the words "cause" and "effect" and a thesis statement within the first paragraph.

Determine what supporting details to include and organize them according to the desired order. Possible ways to organize information include chronological, in order of importance and categorical. Connect ideas and sentences with appropriate transition statements. To transition between causes, use words such as, "because," "due to," "first" and "since." To transition between effects, use words such as "consequently," "as a result" and "therefore."

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