What Ideas Are There for an Adventure Story?

Some ideas for an adventure story are going on a treasure hunt, getting shipwrecked on a deadly deserted island, fighting for an admirable cause, hunting down a mysterious creature, trying to overthrow an unjust leader, discovering and curing a fatal new disease and competing in a large competition or championship. With an adventure story, the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas. The more creative a writer is, the more unique his story will be.

Before writing an adventure story, a writer must take the time to get the story planned out. He needs to brainstorm possible plot ideas, settings, characters, plot twists, themes and endings.

To begin writing the story, the writer needs to decide on a setting. This includes both the locations where the story takes place and the time periods. He can then begin writing the story using the characters and themes that best fit his chosen plot.

An effective adventure story is full of action and excitement. Little moments can be used to keep the story interesting for the reader. Good character development is needed to help the reader understand and identify with the characters. The most exciting part of the story should occur right before the climax. After the story's climax, the resolution needs to explain what happens to the characters and provide a satisfying ending.