What Are Some Ideas for Activity Sheets to Learn Vowels and Consonants?

One easy worksheet idea that educators can use to help students recognize the difference between consonants and vowels includes placing consonants or vowels in white boxes on a worksheet and having students fill consonant boxes with one color and vowel boxes with another, according to KidsLearningStation. Another possibility is to have students color in consonants and vowels to reveal a hidden letter once complete.

Another worksheet idea to help students learn about consonants and vowels is to have students fill in the missing vowel in a word that is written below a corresponding image. For example, an image of a cat can include the word "cat" written beneath it but missing the letter "a." A very similar worksheet idea requires students to fill in the missing consonant in an incomplete word below a corresponding image.

Many worksheets focus on recognizing one particular consonant or vowel. One such worksheet involves looking at an image and then choosing between two possible words that represent that image by writing the corresponding word. For example, a worksheet focusing on the consonant "b" could include a picture of a ball, and the student would have to choose between two words containing the consonant "b," such as "web" and "ball," and then write the correct word in the provided space.