What Are Some IB Practice Tests to Help You Study?

What Are Some IB Practice Tests to Help You Study?

Previously administered International Baccalaureate examination papers can be used as study guides for IB exams. Past exams are available in the six program areas: the arts, individuals and societies, language acquisition, language and literature, mathematics, and sciences.

International Baccalaureate provides free samples of past examination papers for the subjects of English, French and Spanish at Ibo.org, as of 2015. Free sample IB practice exams are also available at Ibo.org for the subjects of history, chemistry and math.

International Baccalaureate partnered with Follett to sell practice exam papers through FollettIBStore.com. A DVD featuring a collection of exams from all six IB program areas is available for purchase.

Exam papers on specific topics are also available for purchase from Follett. For example, exams for the sciences, including chemistry, biology and physics, can be purchased. Exam papers for arts, specifically music, are also sold by Follett.

Language acquisition exams are available from Follett for such languages as English, French, Spanish, Classical Greek and Arabic. Exams for Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hindi and many other languages are also available.

Follett sells language and literature exams for Arabic, Chinese, English, Hebrew, Portugese and dozens of other languages. Practice exam papers are also available for mathematics and for topics such as economics, history, business, religion and philosophy.