What Are Some Humorous Toasts?


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Funny toasts include "To your very good health. May you live to be as old as your jokes," and "Here's to the bore - the only one who can monopolize and monotonize a conversation at the same time." Another one is, "Wise, kind, gentle, generous, sexy... but enough about me. Here's to you."

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A toast is a message of goodwill or congratulations said to the person being honored with a drink. It can also refer to the whole ritual of someone proposing a toast to honor a person or thing, delivering a message of felicitation, followed by everyone raising their glasses, saying, "Cheers" or "Bottoms up" and taking a drink. It is also common for people to clink their glasses before taking a drink, which is typically an alcoholic beverage. Toasts are common during celebrations, such as weddings, births, retirements and graduations, or holiday parties such as New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve parties.

Wedding toasts are particularly steeped in tradition. The bride's father typically offers the first toast by thanking the guests for coming, lightly reminiscing about the bride's childhood and congratulating the newlyweds. The best man makes the next toast by delivering a short humorous joke or anecdote at the groom's expense, but ending it with a compliment about him. The maid of honor's toast follows a similar format, but directed at the bride. The groom makes the last toast by thanking his in-laws, the wedding party and the bridesmaids.

Toasting is common in many cultures, and the general theme is typically that of good health or good luck. To end a toast, Germans commonly say "Prost," the Spanish say "Salud" and the Japanese say "Kanpai." The French say, "Tchin Tchin" and Filipinos say "Mabuhay."

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