What Are Some Humanities Electives?

What Are Some Humanities Electives?

Humanities electives include courses on African-American history, art, anthropology and English literature. Course about music, philosophy, Asian religions and theatre are other examples of humanities electives.

Introductory film courses cover the basic elements of film production and artistry. They provide an overview of film history, styles and production techniques. They also discuss the expression of social values in film art.

Courses about international cultural exploration emphasize the unique cultural characteristics of a country. They discuss the similarities and differences between cultures. Anthropology courses cover the preservation, restoration, staffing and funding of historic sites. They also go over the cultural and social significance of historical sites.

Courses on Asian religions examine the evolution of religious and philosophical traditions in Asia. Students learn to appreciate the way Asians think about fundamental questions concerning the meaning of life and the nature of death. Courses about Indians in the American culture discuss the role of Native Americans in the development of an American identity. They explore cultural ideas through films and books and address contemporary social issues.

Courses about black writers in the United States explore the sources of black writing in African culture and its complex relationship with the conventional American culture. Creative writing courses help students discover their own distinct writing voice and style. Students share their writing in small groups and receive feedback from their peers. Courses on the history of U.S. military history go over the history of American military strategy. They address the peacetime issues of military policy and theory.