What Is the "House of Night" Book Series About?

What Is the "House of Night" Book Series About?

The "House of Night" book series follows Zoey Redbird's journey to adulthood as a supernatural creature. Zoey starts the series as a 16-year-old who becomes a vampire. P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast wrote "House of Night."

The first book in the "House of Night" series, "Marked," introduces Zoey to the House of Night, a school where she learns how to become an adult vampire; however, Zoey may not become a vampire if she does not finish the change. Her body may choose not to finish it and die.

A special vampire goddess named Nyx marks Zoey. This mark grants Zoey special powers along with her vampire abilities. In Zoey's world, vampires don't hide away from the human world; they are a part of it.

Zoey always felt like she did not fit in with normal humans, so she is excited when she learns about being one of the chosen vampires; however, Zoey doesn't have an easy life as a vampire. She makes friends and develops a few love interests, but Zoey soon learns that the leader of Dark Daughters, an elite group at the school, takes advantage of the special powers that she also received from being marked.

The ongoing storylines of the "House of Night " series involve Zoey learning more about the school and growing into her vampire destiny. This series launched in 2007. It includes 12 books. The final book, "Redeemed," was published in 2014. "House of Night" also includes four novellas. In 2008, an announcement indicated the "House of Night" series' adaptation into a movie.