How Do You Host a Foreign Exchange Student?

How Do You Host a Foreign Exchange Student?

To host a foreign exchange student, choose a reputable program placing students in the local area, apply to be a host family, select a student and welcome the student to your home. You need references and a clear background to complete the process.

  1. Choose a reputable program

    Find multiple references for the program, and check for licensing and certifications. Interview former host families who have worked with this particular program. Contact past exchange students, if possible. When you are satisfied that you have found a quality, reputable program, register with the program.

  2. Apply to be a host family

    Make certain your family meets the minimum requirements. Make certain your living space meets the requirements for space and privacy for the student. Request and complete the paperwork. Submit the paperwork to the program by the required due dates.

  3. Complete an interview with the program leaders

    Make family members available to program leaders and supervisors for interviews. Be honest during the interview.

  4. Select possible students

    Examine the profiles of program students to find those who are likely to fit into your family. Choose those who share the family's interests and those who enjoy the activities available in the local area. Consider languages spoken, ages and entertainment preferences.

  5. Welcome a student

    Prepare the student's living space by making it warm and welcoming without being smothering. Contemplate food possibilities, schedules and activities to make the arrival as smooth as possible.