Why Is Homeschooling Bad?

Disadvantages of homeschooling include the time it takes, the costs of quality education materials, the lack of socialization opportunities, the lack of proper educational facilities and the fact that parents may not have the patience to properly teach children. There's also the fact that children may not be properly motivated with homeschooling.

Working or single parents who decide to homeschool might not have the time it takes to ensure their children receive a quality education. In addition to teaching, parents also have to plan out lessons and administer tests. Parents may not realize how much it costs to give a child a quality education. While there are paid homeschooling programs, they can be prohibitively expensive. Lessons may require special computer software, materials and potentially travel and admission costs for field trips.

A child's development might be hindered if he doesn't have opportunities to socialize with children his own age. While the child can always socialize with other kids who are homeschooled, arranging such meetings usually requires more effort than socializing with children who attend public or private schools. Such a lack of socialization may adversely affect the child later on in life.

Parents also may not have the lab facilities and gym equipment that traditional schools have, which can deprive a child of valuable opportunities to conduct science experiments and participate in sports.