What Is the History of the Texas Tech Red Raiders Logo?


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The Texas Tech logo, sometimes referred to as the Double T, most likely originates from the university's 1926 football team. The university officially adopted the logo in 1963 and only changed it once in 2000.

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No one officially took credit for the creation of the Double T, but university historians point to football coaches E.Y. Freeland and Grady Higginbotham as the masterminds behind the original design of the logo, two black outlined T's on a scarlet background. At the time, Texas Tech was thought of as a western contemporary of Texas A&M University, which might have influenced the similarity between the logo of both universities. Higginbotham, who was a graduate of Texas A&M, may have also contributed to the design's similarity to Texas A&M's logo.

In 1931, the seniors donated a bench in the shape of a Double T, which is still traditionally reserved for upperclassmen. The class of 1938 donated a neon Double T sign, which is still affixed to Texas Tech's football stadium. Despite the logo's presence in the university, the administration didn't adopt the logo officially until 1963. The Double T experienced little change until 2000. The university added three-dimensional effects to the logo, as well as a white trim with the original black outline.

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