What Is the History of the Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy?

What Is the History of the Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy?

Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, also known as CVCA, was founded in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, in 1968 by a group of 14 Christian men known as the Forward Planning Committee. The school was a junior high and high school and was intended to be the secondary school option for elementary school students of Chapel Hill Christian School, which had been founded by Pastor Robert Turner two years earlier.

The Committee had two main mandates. First, it needed to find a location. After a brief search, they found more than six acres of land in the nearby neighborhood of Tamsin Park. Second, they needed to name the school. After proposing numerous options, CVCA was chosen. With the land and the name in hand, the group filed incorporation documents with the state of Ohio in March 1968.

As an incorporated school, the first order of business was to create a Board of Education. This Board was comprised primarily of members of the original Forward Planning Committee. The next step that needed to be made was the hiring of the schools employees, starting with a school administrator. In September 1968, the Board hired Dr. Kye Harris as CVCA's administrator.

During these processes, the Board determined that the originally selected location for the school was not suitable for their needs, and began searching for another location. In October 1968, they settled on a 30-acre plot just south of the original location. The school opened its doors in September of the following year. Unfortunately, Dr. Harris was not serving as administrator for the school's opening due to health issues.

CVCA was successful, and grew fast. As of 2008, the school had about 850 students, up from less than 200 when it first opened in 1969.