What Are Some Hilarious Names?

Some hilarious names that people actually have are "Mike Litoris," "Gaye Males," "Dick Smalley," "Robert Fagot," "Mister Love" and "Chew Kok." Though it is unfortunate for the people who have these names, as those who have them undoubtedly face some amount of scorn from their peers, they are hilarious.

Parents, in naming their children, often give their kids names to describe some sort of unique quality that they might possess. In addition, parents often use the meanings of the names they bestow as personal identifiers for their children or to pay tribute to virtues that they admire. However, some parents, for whatever reason, end up giving their child a name that other people find hilarious. This may be because the parents are trying to be clever or funny themselves or because they have no clue of the humor in their child's name, but whatever the reason the results are often mocked.

Other hilarious names that real people actually have are "Tokyo Sexwale," "Flavour Balls," "Johnny Dickshot," "Dick Thrasher," "Willie Stroker," "Rick Titball" and "Dick Swett." The humor of these names is obviously more on the mature side, so seeing them as hilarious may or may not be deemed inappropriate by others.