What Are Some Highly Rated Welding Tech Schools According to Experts?

What Are Some Highly Rated Welding Tech Schools According to Experts?

Highly rated welding technology schools include University of Alaska in Anchorage, Utah State University and University of Alaska in Fairbanks. Welding engineers typically work in production and design of fabricated or manufactured products.

The University of Alaska in Anchorage offers associate degrees in Applied Science in Welding and Non-destructive Testing Technology through its technical and community colleges. Students learn welding and thermal cutting procedures. Students may find job opportunities in transportation, manufacturing and construction upon successful completion of the program.

Utah State University is located in Logan, Utah and was ranked in 2014 among the top-200 national universities in the country. The university’s Professional and Applied Technology Education Division offers a comprehensive welding program. Students receive certificates of completion at the end of the course. Topics covered include metallurgy, shielded metal arc welding and trade mathematics.

The University of Alaska in Fairbanks focuses in beginner courses in welding. Students later receive instruction in more advanced welding techniques as they progress in their courses. Graduates may find work in petroleum, aviation and agriculture industries. Completing the program also increases the chances of getting the American Welding Society certification.

It is a good idea to meet with an admissions counselor before signing up for a welding school. Important questions to ask include the school’s accreditation, certifications offered and welding processes taught at the school. The American Welding Society website is a good resource for finding more information on welding schools, certification and career prospects.