What Are Some Highly Rated Schools for Children With Autism?

What Are Some Highly Rated Schools for Children With Autism?

Highly rated schools for children with autism include The Devereux Glenholme School, Little Keswick School and Brehm Preparatory School, according to the Master's in Special Education Program Guide. The Best Schools also recognizes Carrie Brazer Center for Autism & Alternative Approaches, Inc. and NewHope Academy for their excellent programs for autistic students.

The Devereux Glenholme School in Washington, Connecticut, focuses on providing specialized tutoring and therapy so that autistic students graduate prepared for higher education. Students with counseling needs participate in individual and family therapy as needed. A famed equestrian team and a theater program give students opportunities for extracurricular involvement while completing studies.

Little Keswick School in Kewswick, Virginia, caters to students with moderately severe emotional and social challenges. The school caters instructional programs to each student's individual abilities and objectives. The school also offers an equestrian program.

In addition, Brehm Prepatory School in Carbondale, Illinois, caters its educational program to address the student's entire health needs. Each student receives one-on-one or group instruction, depending on his needs and skills. The school offers co-educational opportunities for grades six through 12 with boarding and day-school options. The U.S. Department of Education named the Brehm Prepatory School a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism & Alternative Approaches, Inc. offers learning opportunities for students of all grade levels. Speech, occupational and physical therapists complement the school's academic programming. Additional monthly workshops help parents learn about autism and the latest treatment options for autistic students. Community-based outings help students learn social as well as academic skills.

NewHope Academy received a School of Excellence Award from the National Association of Special Education Teachers. The school serves students in grades six through 12. At the school, students develop coping strategies and work to become effective learners.