What Are Some Highly Rated Podiatry Schools?

The top-rated podiatry schools in the United States include the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, Arizona School of Podiatry, Des Moines School of Podiatry and New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Others include Kent State School of Podiatry, California School of Podiatry, Scholl College of Podiatry and the Barry School of Podiatry. All of the above offer Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degrees, which are required before a person is allowed to practice podiatry.

Temple University's School of Podiatric Medicine is well-regarded in the medical profession for its Foot & Ankle Institute, which is one of the largest podiatric medical treatment facilities in the world, with annual patient visits numbering roughly 40,000. The school offers students hands-on clinical training earlier than many other podiatry schools. Such training occurs in rotations at the institution's two facilities. It is also one of the few podiatry schools offering access to a major university, which means students are permitted to use all Temple University facilities, such as computer labs, multiple libraries and on-campus housing. The School of Podiatric Medicine boasts one of the larger podiatric medical libraries in the nation.

As of 2015, the Arizona School of Podiatry, meanwhile, enjoys a board examination pass rate of 98 percent on part one of the exam and 96 percent on part two. This is in contrast to the national average of 85 and 88 percent, respectively. The Class of 2015 saw an 84 percent graduation rate. Of those, 99 percent received residency placement.