What Are Some Highly Rated Learning Games for Kids?


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Some highly rated learning games for kids include “Fish School,” “Stack the States” and “Balloony Word.” The games are all available as apps for iPhone or Android.

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What Are Some Highly Rated Learning Games for Kids?
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“Fish School” helps kids learn numbers, letters, colors and shapes through a fun-filled interface featuring animated fish. The game teaches basic skills at the preschool level, making it perfect for younger gamers. In addition to learning shapes and letters, kids can also touch and drag the fish, creating a number of different reactions.

In “Stack the States,” kids learn about geography and state capitals by answering varied trivia questions. Each correct answer stacks a pyramid of states higher and higher, giving kids a goal to achieve. The game’s quick and simple questioning system quizzes kids on state capitols, shapes, names, borders and abbreviations. The game also offers the ability to create multiple user profiles and compare scores.

“Balloony Words” is a light-hearted version of the classic game “Hangman,” helping kids learn letters and spelling. Kids must guess the individual letters of a word as animated animals hang from differently labeled balloons. Guessing incorrectly causes a balloon to pop, creating an element of danger and suspense. The game offers many different categories of words to choose from, such as fruits and vegetables. The simple nature of “Balloony Words” makes it perfect for young children who are learning spelling.

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