What Are Some Highly Rated Colleges for People With Special Needs?

Many top-level universities in the United States offer wide ranging support for students with special needs. While the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all universities provide a certain level of accessibility for all students such as ramps and elevators, several prestigious universities provide extended support to students with disabilities, including the University of California, Berkeley; New York University; Stanford University; and the University of Vermont, Burlington.

The University of California, Berkeley, provides wheelchair rental, shuttles and accessible dormitory rooms and bathrooms. The university also facilitates social integration and support through sports for students with disabilities and advice classes. Counseling is also available for students with special needs.

New York University also provides shuttle services and prioritizes clearing snow from campus paths for disabled students. The university also provides free housing to aides of students with special needs.

Stanford University offers customized assistance in class to disabled students for hearing, speech and writing. The university also provides free bus and shuttle services. Dormitories at Stanford are designed with designated access points and special facilities for the disabled. Like the University of California, Stanford provides extracurricular sports activities specifically designed for special needs students.

The University of Vermont provides learning support through adaptive technology, alternative textbooks and note-taking assistance. Disabled students are also given special accommodations during examinations.