What Are Some Highly Rated Colleges That Offer Speech Pathology Programs?

What Are Some Highly Rated Colleges That Offer Speech Pathology Programs?

Some highly rated colleges with speech pathology programs include University of Iowa, University of Wisconsin - Madison, University of Washington and Vanderbilt University. These schools all offer top-rated, graduate level speech pathology programs. Students may pursue master's or doctorate degrees in this field of study.

Located in Iowa City, the University of Iowa has one of the oldest and most highly speech respected pathology programs in the country. U.S. News and World Reports ranks it number one in the United States. The program is part of the college's Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

The University of Wisconsin in Madison prides itself on the combination of education, research and clinical care its speech pathology program offers students and people of the community. U. S. News and World Report ranks it second in the nation for excellence in graduate studies in this field.

Tied for third in the nation are the speech pathology programs at the University of Washington in Seattle and Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. The University of Washington speech pathology department is part of the Natural Sciences division of the institution's College of Arts and Sciences. While operating a community speech and hearing clinic, students learn the foundations of communication and study the causes and treatments of disorders affecting the ability to communicate.

Vanderbilt University offers specialty tracks within their program for early identification and management of children with hearing loss, school speech-language pathology and voice. Over the last three years, the program has scored 100 percent in graduation rates, job placement and passing the certification examination.