What Are Some Highly Ranked Medical Colleges According to Experts?

According to U.S. News & World Report, some of the best medical colleges in the country include Harvard University, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of California - San Francisco, and the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine. Each of the schools are internationally known for their high standards of medical education and are some of the hardest schools at which to gain acceptance.

The medical school at Harvard University, located in Boston, Massachusetts, received U.S. News' highest ranking. The school consistently innovates and influences medical education and is infamous, though highly-respected, for the grueling course load that it puts students through. U.S. News' rankings put Stanford University's School of Medicine, located in Stanford, California, right behind Harvard's program. Stanford's medical students can get valuable clinical experience at the nearby Stanford Medical Center, and the school encourages student research through its more than 140 school centers and programs.

The School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland is one the most well-known names in the medical field. All students at the School of Medicine are divided into one of four colleges to foster a feeling of community among students across all levels of medical training. The University of California - San Francisco and the University of Pennsylvania's medical schools round out the top five in U.S. News' rankings.