Why Is a High School Education Important?


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A high school education is, first and foremost, an enabling tool that allows individuals to progress personally and financially. Statistically, the higher the education level achieved by an individual, the greater their financial success throughout their life. A high school education is imperative whether an individual wants to obtain a secondary education degree or enter a specialized field of work. Most secure jobs require at least a high school diploma, if not a Bachelors degree from an accredited university.

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Obtaining a complete high school education is usually considered important in terms of financial success alone. Although this is a primary component in the importance of a high school education, completing a high school degree can also increase the quality of life for individuals in various ways. Because of the importance of education in many cultures around the world, those who drop out of high school are often looked down upon or discriminated against. Statistically, they deal with more family and social problems than individuals who successfully graduate from high school.

Other than the positive financial and social outcomes that result from completing a high school education, there are valuable lessons to be learned in high school about living successfully. All educational experiences help to teach students important life lessons that allow them to mature and grow individually. The more time individuals spend gaining an education, the more prepared they will be to become contributing members of society.

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