What Is a High School Degree Called?

high-school-degree-called Credit: Paul Bradbury/OJO Images/Getty Images

A high school degree is called a diploma. Students typically receive a high school diploma after completing 4 years of secondary education coursework in grades nine through 12.

The requirements for receiving a high school diploma depend individual state and school. Many schools offer several different diploma tracks, each with their own set of required courses. A technical or vocational diploma may be suited for students who wish to enroll in a technical college or enter the workforce after graduation. General diplomas require a certain number of courses and a minimum GPA from students. College prep diplomas follow state curriculums to prepare students for college. Diplomas designated as "honors" require more rigorous coursework and a high GPA. Students who spend their last 2 years completing a set of courses that follow the International Baccalaureate Organization standards can receive an International Baccalaureate.