What Are Some Helpful Study Tips?

What Are Some Helpful Study Tips?

Creating an organized and functional workspace, drinking coffee, and writing out key information can help simplify studying. Getting plenty of sleep is also key to success.

Study right before bed. Research has shown that cramming in a little extra knowledge right before bed can actually help a student's memory. Getting enough or at least some sleep before an exam is also crucial. Sleep deprivation can hinder cognitive abilities, so plan ahead for enough time to study and sleep.

Write out key information, or say it aloud. Studies have shown that hand writing information stores it in the brain more securely than just reading it or typing it. Combine that with reciting information orally, and the brain is given two modes of storing information: auditory and visual.

Drink coffee or caffeinated beverages. Students often drink coffee just to stay awake during study sessions, but doing so actually has cognitive benefits. Studies show that drinking coffee helps to increase the brain's agility, logic and focus.

Create a study space. While occasionally changing up where one studies can be beneficial, it's smart to have a specific study space complete with good lighting, comfortable seating and electrical outlets. The aspects and ambiance of a study space should be tailored to individual students' needs. For example, some people thrive in an environment with music and color, while others need simplicity and quiet while studying.