What Are Some Helpful CDs for Learning Spanish?


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"Pimsleur Speak and Read Essential Spanish," "Total Spanish," "Destination Spanish with Paul Noble" and "Learn in Your Car Spanish" are examples of CDs helpful for learning Spanish. Which CDs are the most helpful depends on the prior knowledge and the goals of the Spanish student.

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"Pimsleur Speak and Read Essential Spanish" offers three levels of Spanish lessons, each consisting of 15 hours of Spanish lessons that build a working knowledge of the Spanish language by making the student repeat everyday phrases. The phrases gradually become more complex as the user makes progress. The program also features a booklet with short drills for language learners who want to acquire reading proficiency.

"Total Spanish" contains seven CDs and makes use of the Michel Thomas method, which is a recorded emulation of a classroom situation in which the language learner has to participate actively by answering questions that are posed by the teacher. "Destination Spanish" with Paul Noble' is a 150-minute course that teaches the basics of everyday Spanish conversation by having the student listen and repeat phrases without requiring any active remembering.

"Learn in Your Car Spanish" provides a collection of elementary words and useful phrases to be learned and memorized through repetition. Because of its short sections, it is useful for language learners who want to learn Spanish while driving.

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