What Is a Health Science Degree?


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A health science degree focuses on the science, lab work and research that prepares graduates for nonmedical jobs in the health care industry. Such jobs are related to the organization and management of medical institutions.

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What Is a Health Science Degree?
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Students can earn an associate or a bachelor's degree in health science. The associate degree includes classes in anatomy and physiology, microbiology, medical terminology, ethical issues related to health science and human biology. Such a degree can be used as a springboard for a nursing degree, paramedicine or health education. Career options for graduates include medical assisting, medical billing and coding, and paramedicine.

A bachelor's degree in health sciences allows students to narrow their focus. The coursework includes interdisciplinary training in fields including patient care, health care administration and research. The degree can be a step toward entering medical school or dental school. However, graduates can also go into hospital administration, patient relations, health education or physician assisting.

Those wishing to further their education can pursue a master's degree in health science. Such a course allows students to get very specialized. They can pursue coursework related to medical writing, health care management, environmental health and international health care issues.

Students at any level of study take a variety of classes related not only to health and medicine, but also general science, mathematics, humanities and professional development. Students wishing to further specialize can also earn certificates in their related field.

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