Why Is Health Education Important?


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Health education in school helps students make informed decisions about diet, exercise, and other aspects of personal health. Without proper health education, it's easy for young people to fall into bad habits or submit to peer pressure during adolescence.

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Why Is Health Education Important?
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Students are often taught the basics of personal health and hygiene in primary and secondary school as well as by their parents, but extra knowledge can benefit them. For example, teaching students about a proper diet and reinforcing healthy conceptions of body image can stave off childhood obesity and eating disorders. Because adolescence is one of the most impressionable times in a person's life, health education during this time often is well-received.

Another facet of health education is sex education. Teaching teens about the risks of pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and the emotional aspects of sexual relationships can help them shape a healthy outlook regarding sex. Some elements of sex education curricula include methods of contraception, the types of STDs that can occur without proper protection and resources to deal with unwanted pregnancy.

Other elements of health education include time and stress management, dealing with social relationships and peer pressure, and the necessity of regular sleep to retain information learned in school and elsewhere.

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