How Does the Headsprout Reading Program Help Kids Learn to Read?

The Headsprout reading program uses interactive online episodes to teach students reading fundamentals and comprehension skills. By making learning to read fun, the program motivates students to improve their reading skills.

The Headsprout reading program has received respectable reviews from organizations such as the Florida Center for Reading Research and What Works Clearinghouse. The program is proven to engage disinterested students and improve test scores.

Headsprout adapts to students as they progress through the program. The online episodes assess and analyze each student and adjust the program's delivery method to meet individual needs. Headsprout also provides teachers and parents with assessment reports throughout the course of the program.

To fully engage students, each episode featured in the Headsprout program is interactive and requires timely responses. The online episodes use built-in animations and online puzzles to motivate students to practice and improve their reading skills.

Headsprout's vocabulary building engine teaches students four vocabulary words in less than five minutes. The smart error correction feature ensures that students master each subject before advancing. Fluency building packs provide students with additional opportunities to apply their fluency skills. Headsprout also provides educators and students with printable eBooks, at-home online access and monthly product updates.