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A hazmat study guide contains all the information that CDL truckers or firefighters need to pass the hazmat exam, including materials concerning transport and handling of hazardous materials. Specific information contained in the study guide for truckers includes details about stopping with hazardous materials at railroad crossings, using shipping papers for hazardous transport and the proper ways to handle radioactive substances.

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For example, truckers approaching railroad crossings with a shipment of hazardous materials should stop at a distance of 15 to 50 feet in front of the closest rail. Gears should be shifted when crossing railroads. Shipping documentation for hazardous materials may be located on the driver's seat, when it is not occupied, inside a pouch on the driver's side door or in clear view for the driver to see.

The floor liner for explosive materials cannot contain cracks, holes, screws, nails, iron or steel. Placards that feature the word "dangerous" can be used on any trucks that are hauling two or more hazardous materials over 1,000 pounds or on trucks that contain a hazardous load of one specific substance under 5,000 pounds. U.S. Department of Transportation hazmat rules are applicable to companies whose employees load or unload materials from trucks, transport hazardous materials, receive packages containing hazardous substances or manufacture packaging that is used for transporting dangerous materials.

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