What Are Some of the Hardest Words to Spell?


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Some of the hardest words to spell include "feuilleton," "stichomythia," "cymotrichous," "autochthonous" and "prospicience," based on previous words spelled by winners of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Other difficult words are "logorrhea," "vivisepulture," "odontalgia," "esquamulose" and "smaragdine." Some common words in the English language that are often misspelled include "calendar," "embarrass," "Fahrenheit," "government" and "noticeable."

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The two winning words in the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee were "feuilleton" and "stichomythia." "Feuilleton" refers to the section of a newspaper devoted to gossip and other topics of interest to general readers, while "stichomythia" is a literary term for a dispute said by actors in a play using alternating lines. "Cymotrichous" is an adjective describing wavy hair, and "autochthonous" is an adjective to describe something that is native to a place. Another adjective, "smaragdine," is used to describe something that has an emerald green color. Previous Scripps National Spelling Bee finals were less difficult, such as the 1932 winning word, which was "knack."

Many of the Scripps National Spelling Bee are difficult to spell because they are rarely used and not well known. There are many common words that are difficult to spell because of the arrangement of letters, such as the silent middle "e" in "noticeable." Words with double letters are also commonly misspelled, such as "beginning," "committee" and "occurred."

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