What Are the Hardest Courses in College?

What Are the Hardest Courses in College?

All college courses are designed to be challenging, but some are more so than others, such as ones that require a ton of memorization or technical knowledge, long essays or that are simply covering a boring topic. Not all college courses that are tough for one student are as difficult for another.

Difficult college courses require a lot more time and effort to understand and pass, but are worth the effort for students requiring them to reach their career goals.

  • Quantum mechanics/physics
  • While many students love watching "The Big Bang Theory" on TV, most are lost when it comes to finding the abstract aspects applied to numbers in this course.

  • Thermodynamics
  • This course requires a ton of memorization and an understanding of physic concepts, which makes it a difficult course for the average student.

  • Theory
  • The study of theory, whether it be scientific, political or any other topic is a tough course. Many students get lost in the vast array of topics and with large amount of course material to sit through, many students fail this course their first try.

  • English literature
  • Students who love to read and that can read fast, love this course while others find the large amount of reading requirements too challenging.

  • Economics
  • This course is a requirement for many business majors and even though the material is not that tough, some find it so boring that many students fall asleep.