What Are Some Hard Spelling Words?


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According to Robert Heckendorn of the University of Idaho's List of Hard to Spell Words, some difficult spelling words include "allegiance," "ambidextrous," "homogeneity" and "intercollegiate." Words like "believe," "conscience," and "equipment" are also commonly misspelled English words.

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What Are Some Hard Spelling Words?
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HomeSpellingWords.com lists "oregano," "statistician," "electrolysis" and "moviegoer" as difficult words for a speller at a 9th-grade level. Difficult words for a fifth-grader to spell include "primitive," "services," "exciting" and "vacation."

Some words are particularly hard to spell because they are pronounced the same but spelled differently. For example, "their" is the possessive form of the word, while "they're" is the contraction for "they are" and "there" is an indicator of direction. Another example is the differentiation between "principal" and "principle."

Other words are difficult to spell because they violate common American English rules. For example, the word "leisure" does not follow the "I before E except after C" guideline. Another example, "liaison," is a French word that deviates from American language rules. "Jewellery" is the proper British spelling for the American word "jewelry." Similarly, "colour" is the proper British spelling of the American word "color."

Many common suffixes make words much more difficult to spell. For instance, the suffix -ence is often mistakenly interchanged with the suffix -ance in words like "intelligence" and "ignorance."

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