What Are Some Hard Questions From the Math Section of the SAT?


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One practice math question provided by SAT asks the student to determine the probability that a senior's name is chosen in a lottery. Other questions involve determining the correct order of median, average and mode of temperatures.

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One practice question provided by SAT explains that a lottery determining which student lives in a premium dormitory room accepted applications from 100 seniors, 150 juniors and 200 sophomores. The question explains that each senior's name is placed in the lottery three times, each junior's name is placed twice, and each sophomore's name is placed once. The student must determine the probability that a senior's name is chosen. SAT states that in order to determine the answer, the student must find the total number of seniors in the lottery and divide this number by the total number of names.

Another practice question draws the student's attention to a table of temperatures in a city in Hawaii over a one-week period. It asks the student to determine the correct order of M, F, and A, if M represents the median temperature, F represents the temperature that occurs most often, and a represents the average (arithmetic mean) of the seven temperatures. SAT explains that to answer the question, the student should place the seven temperatures in ascending order.

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