How Hard Is Nursing School?


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All students experience difficulty in nursing school, but performance depends on one's time management, skill set and personal preparation in handling both the academic part and the clinical component. Different students have different experiences in nursing school. Some find the academic part easy while others love the clinical component part of it while others have no trouble with both.

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Time management is the most crucial thing in a nursing school. Unfortunately, there is no a second option in managing time. A person is either doing it or not. More importantly, it depends on an individual's situation. Some work full-time and study part-time. Others have family duties to handle while most people study full-time. The amount of time required to attend classes, study nursing and attend clinical is what makes it hard for most people.

There is so much to learn in nursing that one needs good preparation and time management skills. Getting organized in doing all school work helps one to stay focused and achieve their goals. Creating a weekly to-do-list helps students to complete tasks with much ease. This provides ample time for each task as well as allows one to plan ahead. Another important thing is getting as many materials as possible for revision and reference.

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