How Hard Is It to Learn Engineering?


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Learning engineering is very intellectually challenging to most students, with students majoring in engineering, science, math and technology fields taking significantly longer on average to graduate than students in other majors, as reported by CBS News. Engineering students often find that they must alter their study techniques to achieve success.

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Although many students find the curriculum in engineering courses difficult to master, there are several strategies students can use to maximize their chances of doing well in an engineering program. Students are usually able to get the most out of lecture time if they already have some prior exposure to the material, so it is very important to read the textbook chapter being discussed before coming to class. On days when hands-on assignments are scheduled, it is helpful to read about the project before it is time to complete it during class time.

Time management is also key to success in engineering programs. A general guideline is that students should set aside three hours of study time per week for every credit hour they are enrolled in, according to the University of Colorado Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science. Thus, a student enrolled in nine credit hours of engineering classes should plan to spend at least 27 hours studying engineering topics outside of the classroom every week. Ideally, engineering students should not have jobs that require them to work more than 15 hours per week.

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