How Hard Is Law School?


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Law school can be an extremely difficult experience for students who do not thrive on a high level of academic expectations, competition and stress. While some highly self-directed and motivated students do well in this environment, it can be difficult for less prepared, motivated and organized students.

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Earning a law degree requires intense study and focused preparation involving activities such as attending lectures, analyzing and discussing complicated texts, working with tutors and writing analysis papers. Law schools often admit very ambitious, high-achieving students that must compete against each other for class status, grades, internships and employment. This competition and the fast-moving pace of the work can be challenging for some.

Students that do well in law school often have particular career ambitions and stay motivated, completing the degree as part of a larger life goal. These students may have spent years of preparation establishing study and work habits at the undergraduate level that proves beneficial once they enter law school. This prior education serves them well, as they move through the first year of law school, which often involves intense coursework, graded only by high-stakes final exams. These students benefit from a supportive study group of student peers tackling reading assignments and studying together.

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