How Hard Is the GED Test?


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The GED test is designed to measure the equivalent knowledge that a stundent would accumulate through a standard four-year high school education. Its difficulty level is subjective, but the test is not designed to be tricky or overly challenging.

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The GED test was established in 1942 to allow young veterans to complete their high school educations following World War II. The test was intended to allow those whose lives were disrupted by the war tocontinue their education, though in the years to follow, more and more civilians began taking the test. Since its inception, the test has evolved to match the standards of a typical high school curriculum.

The test itself involves four sections: reading through language arts, social studies, scientific knowledge and mathematical reasoning. The mathematical section is a series of multiple-choice questions that test basic computational processing, while the others involve written answers and essays that focus on logic and comprehension. There are numerous books and courses available that focus on the specific types of questions and knowledge required to pass the GED. The best way to prepare for the test is to study in the designated categories and take practice tests. In 2014, the test was updated to include a larger focus on science, critical thinking and writing.

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