What Are Some Harcourt Science Textbooks?


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One Harcourt science textbook is Holt McDougal Biology, a biology textbook intended for high school students. The book's author is noted biologist Dr. Stephen Nowicki and focuses on both preparation for important assessments and relevance in the lives of students. The book helps provide differentiated instruction for different learners.

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Another Harcourt science textbook is Holt McDougal Physics, a physics textbook for high schoolers. Like Holt McDougal Biology, the book has a companion digital program to assist with student learning. The book itself provides a mixture of physics concepts and problem-solving physics applications to help students develop a math-based foundation of physics knowledge.

Lifetime Health is another Harcourt science textbook, one that provides high school students with a mixture of health information and decision-making skills. To help promote these health concepts, the book has a companion VideoHealth series and a variety of in-text activities to help students feel motivated to practice their newfound skills.

Environmental Science is another Harcourt science textbook, one that offers high school students information about Earth science, health, ecology, and policy issues affecting the environment. The book is designed to appeal to a broad group of students with diverse interests and learning capabilities, and the book is also available in an online format that replicates the print content while offering access to an online lab program.

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