What Are Some Harcourt Math Advantage Activities?

Harcourt Math Advantage activities are designed to complement Harcourt textbook curriculum, and thus vary by grade and textbook chapter. For instance, kindergarteners can make and play a musical pattern to supplement their Chapter Two curriculum, or play a variation of tic-tac-toe to practice identifying the shapes covered in Chapter Six.

A variety of Math Matching activities are available for fourth grade students. These allow students to practice matching fractions with equivalent fraction models, fractions with their decimal equivalents, and customary measurements with equivalent metric measurements.

Sixth grade students can practice identifying and creating the 3-D shapes covered in Chapters 10 and 23 of their Harcourt textbooks by playing Dr. Gee's 3-D Lab. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students can play the Cargo Bay or Robot Studio games to practice solving math equations, or read In the News articles covering current events relevant to their math curriculum.