What Happens If You Fail a Class in College?

The consequences of a failed course in college are entirely based on the circumstances of the individual. A failed course could simply result in credits not being awarded for one class. If the students is currently on academic probation a failing grade could result in dismissal from the university.

Failing a class in college may not affect the student in the long run, or it could have serious consequences depending on the individual. A student who typically receives high marks in their classes may simply be able to retake the class. At most colleges the failing grade remains on transcripts, but it is not used in grade point calculation once it has been retaken.

If a student has performance issues that have resulted in poor grade point average, he may be placed on academic probation. Many colleges also limit the number of retake opportunities available to students. Each college has well-defined policies with regard to failing classes, retakes and academic probation. These policies can be found in the student handbook at most colleges.

Failing classes can also have consequences for financial aid. In fact, many scholarships have grade point average requirements. If the student falls below a predetermined grade point average, the scholarship may not be available for renewal.