What Happens When You Are Done With ST Math?

Those who complete one grade level of ST Math move to the next level. ST Math comes in elementary, middle and high school levels. When done with each lesson, the student receives feedback, and when done with the program, the student has standards-based credentials and a visual-to-conceptual understanding of math.

The goals of ST Math are to produce students who have evolved from visual/spatial math skills to symbols and abstract concepts and who have achieved competency through the program's individualized learning pathways. ST Math starts students off with interactive visual content before getting to math symbols or language. These include interactive games and hands-on activities. After students master this material, the program then introduces traditional math vocabulary and symbols. The goal of this technique is for students to have a deeper, more intuitive grasp of the material when they complete the program.

ST Math also provides immediate feedback upon the completion of each lesson. When a student finishes a problem set, the program gives a visual response showing correct solutions to the problems. The program also yields immediate data to the teacher that highlights strengths and problem spots for individual students, enabling teachers to make immediate interventions to help those individuals.