What Happened in Greece After the Peloponnesian War?

happened-greece-after-peloponnesian-war Credit: Archive Photos/Archive Photos/Getty Images

The aftermath of the Peloponnesian War included many different sources of hardship for Greece, which had lost many men and much of its financial resources during the conflict. Greece's most prominent city-states continued to struggle for power even after the war ended, leading to a difficult era of extended conflict between Sparta, Athens and Thebes.

The Peloponnesian War was one of a number of factors that led to Athens' decline as an ancient superpower, and though recovery from the war was difficult and would never result in a full return to former glory, Athens did restore democracy in the aftermath of the war. Sparta continued to be a combative force in the region, causing Athens, Thebes, Corinth and Argos to band together to keep the aggressive Spartan forces in check. One of the most famous events that occurred in Greece after the Peloponnesian War is the trial and death of Socrates, the great Athenian philosopher.